Yocan Magneto

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1 Magneto Atomizer
1 Magneto Battery
1 USB Cable
1 Instruction Card

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Yocan introduces a modern vaporizer design with magnetic connections for easy loading. The Magneto features a magnetic coil cap with built-in dab tool, built-in silicone jar, magnetic mouthpiece and a revolutionary ceramic Miracle coil for incredible hits with a smooth, clean taste.

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    I just bought the Magneto vape pen,, and all I can say is WOW,, this thing is AWESOME! It’s design is so simple, and easy to use! Everything fits together with magnets,, no threds to worry about getting gooped up, broken (as my other plastic one did),, or crossthreaded! It’s chamber is HUGE compared to others, and the special ceramic coil is definitely a step above other kinds! The hit I took was super smooth, and clean tasting! The built in dabber tool worked perfectly to load a hit with! The handy little dab container at the bottom of the battery, is a nice added toutch too! I can’t say how long the battery lasts, but I read all over the reviews that it’s pretty decent! If you want the best pen, at the best price,, look no further!!

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